Trade on NSE, BSE and MCX

Trade as much as you want for a flat Rs.123/- per day per segment.

Brokerage Revolution

To simplify the Financial Transactions in the Industry , we Derived  a Unique Brokerage Model Rs.123 per day per segment, “Pay to Service not to Quantum”.

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Mobile Portal

Technology has made easier to access any information – anywhere, anytime. You can now use this same technology to get financial market updates and  up-to-date on your investments with 123 capitals Mobile Trading.

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Brokerage Calculator

For transparency in charges, Use our Brokerage calculator – to have a complete idea with your Brokerage Cost , Breakeven, and Profits  segment wise for hassle free unlimited trading per day per segment.

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About Us

123 CAPITALS is one of India’s emerging diversified financial services groups. 123 offers an integrated suite of financial services initially with Broking.

123 CAPITALS is headquartered in Coimbatore providing Equity, Derivative and Currency derivative trading through NSE ,BSE and registered its DP services with IL&FS in NSDL and also gives commodity trading on MCX through its subsidiary group 123 COMMODITIES. 


Trading Platform

Trade as per your convenience as we provide multiple choices. Trade through Mobile /webpage/ software/branch/Franchisee/ Call& Trade.

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To view your bills, contract notes and other related information after your trades and transactions , get in to our user friendly Backoffice login .

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Customer service

For your clarity and solving your queries – contact


Mail to – support@123capitals.com.

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Breaking % (percentage) and order wise brokerage models.

• No upfront fee or turnover commitment
• No special penny stock brokerage or minimum contract charges
• Brokerage calculator to help you calculate all costs upfront

Desktop, web, and mobile trading platforms.
Get integrated trading platform for Equities, Commodities, Derivatives and Currencies.
Delivery trades can be done in unlimited volumes.

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